Spring brings joy.

Spring days are here and that brings me joy. It's not my favorite season, but it's a close second to fall as I love the weather and new life that is blooming and sprouting. The colors and smells are just as glorious to take in. Being outside as much as possible is perfect for me and spring welcomes that opportunity. One of my favorite things to do during this season is walk the downtown area where I live. I live in a smaller community and walking or jogging is absolutely perfect. In fact it's one of my absolute favorite things to do! I love it and it's really the highlight to my day. It's a chance for me get some exercise, clear my head, and feel better all around. Fortunately, I enjoy exercising solo (always have) and doing other things by myself. I have gotten used to doing just about everything alone. Somedays are good for that, but there are others where it's a bit harder, especially when I used to have my little mōmi by my side. She was cracking jokes, constantly talking, dancing, and just a bright spot in all who knew her. Before my children were absconded, I really did everything for them and lived my life for them. I didn't do a whole lot for myself when I should have. I'm doing this now by focusing on things that are helpful and beneficial for me and ultimately my children. Growing, learning, trying new things, and thinking about things from a different perspective than before have been the best for me. I've had ample time to think about things and reflect on a lot from the past. For the most part, I keep my thoughts positive and upbeat, otherwise I'd be miserable; being miserable is no way to live. Despite your circumstance, you have the ability and choice to decide how you want to live. For myself, I have chosen to live positively, and have a positive mindset. Of course there are days where that is harder, but for the most part, I've chosen this way. These spring days offer opportunities to do these things for myself and for my children. 


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