Good wins.

About a year ago I knew I had to do something differently for myself, my situation, and for my children. I made the decision to start a business. I never thought or even imagined doing this. It's not something that I thought I could do, especially do on my own. I needed and wanted (yes! both of those things) to do something that would highlight the importance of relationships. Sometimes we take them for granted, but they are definitely important, and up there on the priority list of life!

You expect someone to be there and be around, but that doesn't always happen. For years, you grow to love, care for, be there, and overall take care of that person... then one day they are gone. From that point on, you've got some options. You get to choose how you will live without that person. After (sometimes during) you go through the stages of grief, your mindset and outlook on life is key to how you choose to live. It's easy to be angry and bitter, but that is not a very pleasant way to live because you are only hurting yourself when you choose this path, also the enemy wins this way too. It's not a good way to live. The other option is to be grateful, thankful, and positive about yourself and life and what you have to offer others. Corrie Tin Boom once said, "Happiness isn't something that depends on your surroundings...It's something we make inside ourselves." Even in the worst of times, your mindset is what matters. How you approach your situation, good or bad, makes all the difference. I chose the latter option for myself and for my children. This has been such a blessing.

Even in the worst of times, staying positive can still be accomplished. I am proof of that and I must say that if you choose this way, you will be so much better off, happier, healthier, and a host of other attributes that can bring light your way. There are times that it is difficult, to say the least, but those days don't last. The good ones do. Good wins.


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